Legal Mediation vs. Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a flexible, cost-effective, and accessible alternative to costly and protracted legal battles. The two most popular and successful ADR processes are mediation and arbitration. With most legal issues and matters involving asset distribution following divorce or bereavement, you can settle the matter without...

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Petitioning to Modify Child Support

If you have experienced a drop in earnings and there is not an expected rebound then you may have a case for petitioning to modify your child support. The state’s first concern is for the child or children. They want to make sure there is enough money coming...

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Covid-19 and Long Term Disabilities

We have all been saturated with Covid news this year. Every day seems like another story associated with the virus. Most prominently we hear about the rapid onset of symptoms and how quickly it can land some people in the hospital. But, as we get more familiar with...

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