Everything About Long-Term Disability Claims

Sometimes the insurance company denies or terminates long-term disability claims for various reasons. You might find it difficult to identify and resolve the dispute then. Even the insurance company doesn’t provide the reasons for claim rejection. If you have been into any such problems or want to learn...

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Legal Mediation vs. Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a flexible, cost-effective, and accessible alternative to costly and protracted legal battles. The two most popular and successful ADR processes are mediation and arbitration. With most legal issues and matters involving asset distribution following divorce or bereavement, you can settle the matter without...

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Should I Apply for Disability Back-Pay?

Back pay refers to past-due benefits that cover a period in which you had not been approved to collect disability benefits that you were medically qualified to collect. Therefore, to collect the back pay benefits, one must be incapable of working and being physically or mentally disabled.  However,...

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