Everything About Long-Term Disability Claims

Sometimes the insurance company denies or terminates long-term disability claims for various reasons. You might find it difficult to identify and resolve the dispute then. Even the insurance company doesn’t provide the reasons for claim rejection. If you have been into any such problems or want to learn...

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History of Social Security Disability Benefits

85 years ago, the Social Security Act was created. The goal of this Act was to financially assist senior citizens in their retirement years by creating a general fund. This brought up the question of who else needed benefits. People disabled from an injury were clearly the most...

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First Responders and Mental Disability

First-responders have one of the more difficult jobs on the planet. They must show up to scenes where the worst tragedies happen. They deal with events that are much too shocking for most people to handle. They are a special type of person. But it is important to...

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