Why You Should Consider Business Mediation

Are you struggling to choose between litigation and mediation? Then, you are in the right place. Here we have discussed how mediation works for the business and the reasons to opt for them. Read further to learn more.  What Does Mediation Mean in Business? Mediation is the process...

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Everything About Long-Term Disability Claims

Sometimes the insurance company denies or terminates long-term disability claims for various reasons. You might find it difficult to identify and resolve the dispute then. Even the insurance company doesn’t provide the reasons for claim rejection. If you have been into any such problems or want to learn...

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Disability Law – Now Serving Orlando

Florida has a large population. It is estimated that Florida is home to almost 22 million people. Many of those people live in one of the four metropolises: Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando. Our office is just outside of the Orlando area and we handle cases from in...

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