What Benefits Are There to Using a Certified Mediator?

Benefits Are There to Using a Certified Mediator?

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Mediators are negotiation professionals that help facilitate an agreement between two parties. The mediation process is very effective as it can help parties resolve their disputes without a lengthy and costly court battle. We are hired by individuals who who are are going through a divorce or need a divorce (pre-suit mediation); who are having paternity issues, or who need a modification of a dissolution of marriage or paternity agreement. If there is an open case, some courts require parties to attend mediation prior to a trial in a matter.

Mediators do not make decisions on your case, unlike arbitrators or judges. Even though some mediators are licensed attorneys, they are not allowed to give either party legal advice. Florida family law mediators are certified by the Supreme Court.

Why is Certification Important?

  • You are getting help from a person who is thoroughly trained in the matter.
  • The mediator is licensed to practice in Florida.
  • The mediator has your best interests at heart.
  • Certification is a form of quality assurance.

Benefits of Using a Mediator

Speed – Pre-suit mediation occurs prior to filing a court case, and can take approximately two months to complete. Some contested divorces come to a conclusion using a mediator in as little as six months. A contested divorce can take years.

Mediation is considered the more peaceful, less stressful way to approach a divorce. It is also less costly. It can be done in as little as a couple sessions.

Is using a mediator the best choice for you? Most likely yes.

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