Child Support for Divorcing Military Couples

Divorce can happen to anyone. This goes for civilian, civil servant and military personnel alike. There are laws in place to protect children from all backgrounds during a divorce. But there are even more stringent rules for military personnel. A person in the military is subject to punishment from their commanding officer should they fail … Continue reading Child Support for Divorcing Military Couples

What Should I do if my Ex isn’t following Court Order?

A divorce with children can result in very strict guidelines as to when children are to visit each parent. Usually, the court will try to give both parents as much access to the children as much as possible. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a parent may not follow the guidelines that the court set out for … Continue reading What Should I do if my Ex isn’t following Court Order?

Splitting Child Custody Evenly

When parents come to mediation with a desire and understanding that they both want equal time with the child or children, it is because they both believe that the influence of a mother and father role are equally important. This mindset is healthy and the challenge then becomes how to accomplish it. The major challenges … Continue reading Splitting Child Custody Evenly

What is Family Law?

Family law encompasses any law that applies to relationships within a family structure. A family structure consists of spouses, offspring, parents, grandparents, step-children or step-parents, siblings, half siblings, or anyone in your immediate family. Most often, the term family law is used in referring to law surrounding the immediate family of a set of spouses … Continue reading What is Family Law?