What Should I do if my Ex isn’t following Court Order?

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A divorce with children can result in very strict guidelines as to when children are to visit each parent. Usually, the court will try to give both parents as much access to the children as much as possible. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a parent may not follow the guidelines that the court set out for them. This can cause many inconveniences and stress for the other parent.

Sometimes a parent may not be allowing the other parent to see the children as much as they are court ordered to. The most important thing if this happens to you us not to overreact. Try to reason with your ex and figure out what is going on. Sometimes the problem can be a misunderstanding or the details were not clear.

If you have tried staying calm and talking with your ex but he or she is still violating the terms of the court order, it may be time to reach out to your attorney. They will connect you with a mediator. This will get you and your ex into a formal setting and go over the terms to make sure everyone understand them. This is the proper chain of events should legal action be required down the road.

Court Order vs Parenting Agreement

Many times a couple will work out a parenting agreement on their own. This is an agreement between the two parties as to who has the kids on what days. A court order is a different story. This is when the court establishes the terms of visitation and/or custody. If a parenting agreement is failing it may be time to seek a court order.

Next Move

If a parent is not able to see their children even though the court order says it is their time, then the police can be contacted. Make sure to have the paper work for the court order in hand.


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