Tips to Make Your Divorce Less Stressful for Your Children

Children during a divorce

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Divorce is usually a stressful event, not just for adults. For children, that level of anxiety is usually even higher. With that in mind, we created this article with a list of things you can do to reduce the levels of stress your child or children experience during the divorce process.

Be totally clear and honest about what is taking place. Unclear or foggy details makes the process harder for a child. The more clear and concise you can be about what it happening, what is likely to happen and how long it may take the better.

Don’t talk badly about your spouse. After all, your child is 50% of your spouse and when you put your spouse down you are putting your child down as well. This is a very common mistake that parents make and it can be very stressful and hurtful to the child.

Listen to your child. By listening to your child’s concerns and offering answers you are helping them vent some of their own frustrations. This can really help them deal with the impending life change.

Make your kids a priority. Yes, the divorce process can eat up much of your time. But, it is important to carve out plenty of time for your child. They don’t want to feel like a backseat passenger or an afterthought. Children’s psyche is very delicate.

Seek professional help. It is usually recommended that if you notice your child struggling during your divorce that you seek out counseling from a professional mental health counselor. This effort will be well worth your time.

Following these tips may really help your child. Divorce is a tumultuous time for everyone, especially children.

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