Everything About Long-Term Disability Claims

Sometimes the insurance company denies or terminates long-term disability claims for various reasons. You might find it difficult to identify and resolve the dispute then. Even the insurance company doesn’t provide the reasons for claim rejection. If you have been into any such problems or want to learn...

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How Long Do Long-Term Disability Benefits Last?

Today we will be discussing long-term disability (LTD) benefits and exactly how long they last. First we need to describe exactly what LTD benefits are. LTD policies exist to basically supplement income lost for those who have been hurt and are unable to work or people who are...

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Covid-19 and Long Term Disabilities

We have all been saturated with Covid news this year. Every day seems like another story associated with the virus. Most prominently we hear about the rapid onset of symptoms and how quickly it can land some people in the hospital. But, as we get more familiar with...

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