Covid-19 and Long Term Disabilities

Covid long term disability

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Covid long term disabilityWe have all been saturated with Covid news this year. Every day seems like another story associated with the virus. Most prominently we hear about the rapid onset of symptoms and how quickly it can land some people in the hospital. But, as we get more familiar with this novel disease, we are starting to notice that there are lingering or long-term effects for many of its sufferers. How long these effects may plague them remains to be seen.

In some cases, there appears to be permanent damage to the bodies of the those infected by the disease. In this article we will go over some of these long-term effects that most likely will require their sufferer to request disability assistance from the government.

Decreased Respiratory Function – Permanent lung damage has been reported by some of the victims of this disease. This may prevent them from obtaining and maintaining gainful employment in the future.

Damage from Infection – The infections that occur as a side-effect of the disease have caused permanent damage to life-sustaining organs. This damage may severely limit one’s ability to work and earn a living.

Brain Injury – Some victims of the virus have suffered damage to the brain stem rendering them mentally handicapped.

It is important that the effects of Covid and treatment of symptoms be documented by the patient and their doctor in case they require financial assistance because of the disease.

It will take some time for legislators to add Covid related impairments to existing disability laws. Some legislation has already been created.  The virus came on so quickly that businesses and governments are working hard to play catch up.

If you require legal assistance for your case, do not hesitate to reach out to a disability law specialist. Many disability attorneys do not take any payment unless they are able to secure assistance for you.

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