Divorce & the Family Business

You and your spouse started a business years ago and things with the business are going well. But the relationship with your spouse isn’t. So, here you are with a shared business and looking at a divorce. What options do you have from this point moving forward? Option...

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The Five Most Common Irreconcilable Differences

Irreconcilable Differences is the single most cited reason for divorces in the United States. They are defined as “an inability for two parties to resolve their differences in order to save their marriage” by But really, it often just means my spouse and I no longer get...

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Family Attorney vs Divorce Attorney

Sometimes the terms family attorney and divorce attorney are used interchangeably. This is a misnomer. In this article we will describe the difference between a family attorney and a divorce attorney. An attorney that goes by the title divorce attorney may only specialize in the act of divorce...

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