Family Attorney vs Divorce Attorney

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reviews of attorney Melbourne flSometimes the terms family attorney and divorce attorney are used interchangeably. This is a misnomer. In this article we will describe the difference between a family attorney and a divorce attorney.

An attorney that goes by the title divorce attorney may only specialize in the act of divorce itself. They may not be equipped to handle the myriad of other issues that can sometimes accompany a divorce situation. Also, a family attorney usually deals with issues that are not related to divorce. Often they can assist you with other matters such as adoption.

A family attorney can also assist you with name changes, paternity determinations, juvenile delinquency, child abuse and child emancipation. When it comes to these matters it is best to be protected and advised properly so that it is done correctly, the first time.

If an attorney touts themselves as simply a divorce lawyer then this may be an attorney that simply concentrates on the actual legal split of the husband and wife and the division of assets that may result. Although those matters are very important, it is best to have an attorney that handle the collateral issues associated with divorce.

How to Choose Your Attorney

Like almost any business today, there exists a rating on Google for family attorneys and divorce lawyers as well. Read the reviews left by clients of the attorney. Also, investigate their profile on social media. Clients will often leave their feedback on the social media page of the attorney.

What to Look For

Does the attorney’s office respond to comments?

Have the attorney updated the content of their page recently?

Does the attorney appear to have a nice office?

Does the attorney list their credentials on the website?

Do you get an overall good feeling from this attorney?

You can usually direct message the attorney or post questions to their social media page if you are considering hiring that attorney. It is best to spend some time researching your attorney before hiring them.

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