Can We Change Our Mind After Filing for Divorce?

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divorce formsSometimes the process of going through a divorce can be emotional. And sometimes couples feel immediate regret after filing for divorce. So, the question is, can you simply change your mind and cancel a divorce after you have filed it?

It really depends on how far along the process you are. If the divorce has bee finalized for more than 30 days there isn’t much you can do other than remarry. But if you are anywhere along the divorce process, chances are you can back out.

Put the Divorce on Pause

If you are going through divorce proceedings and are unsure and want to hit the pause button, you can file a Motion to Abate. This will put everything on hold for 60-90 days. Sometimes couples may reconcile during this period of time.

Withdraw the Divorce Petition

If you have just started in the divorce process and have filed the petition, you may go to the clerk and ask for the petition. Make sure to explain to the clerk so that they can tell you if there is additional paper work that need be completed.

Sign a Form for Voluntary Dismissal

If you are in the process of a divorce that has not been finalized and you and your spouse change you mind about the divorce, you can sign a form of voluntary dismissal. There may be a filing fee associated with this but you don’t need to explain to anyone why you are doing this. Just filling out the proper paperwork and paying the fee is sufficient.

Final Stages of a Divorce

If the divorce is almost final and you want to back out of it, it may be more complicated than the two examples mentioned above. At this point you probably need the legal counsel that a divorce attorney can give you. The attorney can help get your divorce rescinded if it was just completed.

Ending a divorce can be tricky and tedious so having the help of a trained professional is always advisable.

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