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Florida has a large population. It is estimated that Florida is home to almost 22 million people. Many of those people live in one of the four metropolises: Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando. Our office is just outside of the Orlando area and we handle cases from in and around that city.

In the United States 25.6% of adults are at least partially disabled. In Florida, that number is even higher. 28.1% of adults are disabled here (source CDC). The overwhelming majority of these disabled adults will need some sort of income replacement.

The Social Security Administration has forms at their website where a person can apply for disability. But the process can often be too complicated for people. This is where firms like ours come into play.

Attorneys who specialize in disability and social security are here to help. We are essentially experts in the process, paperwork and other “hoop-jumping” that an applicant will be required to do.

In disability cases, it is important to cross every “T” and dot every “I” from the start. If you don’t there will certainly be a rejection notice in your near-future. And when time is money, rejection letters can cost you a great amount. 53% of disability claims are denied on the first attempt.

The bottom line is if you live in or around Orlando and Brevard County and need help with a disability case, we are here for you. We can take on a case that ahs never been filed or handle your appeal. And we don’t get paid unless you do.

Our ultimate goal is to get you the help you need to live life. Call us at 321-914-4710

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