The 9 Steps on How to Win a Disability Reconsideration Appeal

The 9 Steps on How to Win a Disability Reconsideration Appeal

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If you have been denied supplemental social security income or a social security disability income do not fear there is still recourse. Below we will list the nine steps you can take to appeal this decision. You can go at it yourself or you can hire a professional who does this every day for a living.

  1. Space no why you were denied disability benefits

The very first thing you need to know is why you were denied. You were most likely sent a denial letter. Reasons people are denied are: not meeting the definition of disabled, meeting income or resource requirements, or lacking medical documentation.

  1. Hire a qualified disability attorney

As we mentioned above, professional disability attorneys do this daily and know exactly how to attack your appeal. It’s a statistical fact that your chances at a successful appeal are greatly improved by using an attorney. The attorney only gets a percentage of what you are awarded and that total is capped for Lifetime.

  1. Compose an effective disability appeals letter

This is a very important step. This is a letter you want to send to the Social Security Administration and you want to include reasons why you disagree with the explanation of the denial of your disability benefits.

  1. File an expedient reconsideration request

You have 60 days after you receive the initial notice to file your reconsideration request. If you are deciding to use an attorney, it is best that you reach out to one as soon as possible after receiving your rejection letter.

  1. Submit the proper paperwork
  1. Provide additional medical evidence

When submitting your appeal for Social Security disability benefits, it is imperative that you include the most recent medical information available. You can do this by simply reaching out to your doctor and asking for a copy of all this material.

  1. Get a medical statement from your doctor

Like we mentioned, you can reach out directly to your doctor’s office and request this information. You can let them know exactly why you are requesting it or not.

  1. Submit a residual functional capacity form

It is imperative to fill out the RFC form to the best of your ability and be totally honest while doing so. This is the main form the Social Security Administration will use to reconsider your case. Click here for form

  1. Be honest and transparent

You must be as accurate as possible when filling out this appeal form. If any discrepancies are found it will most certainly hamper your case at reconsideration for disability.

Above we have listed the basic steps to filing an appeal to a rejected claim. Many people can find this process to be challenging and often reach out to an attorney. Like we said, hiring an attorney for this process increases your odds of getting approved, bottom line.

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