Where to Find a Certified Mediator in Your Area

Where to Find a Certified Mediator in Your Area
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The mediation process involves two parties coming together to settle a common issue through a neutral and impartial mediator. The mediator will be able to negotiate so that differences can be settled. 

The Benefits of a Certified Mediator

The job of a mediator is not to be the problem solver, they are to help provide two parties with a foundation that helps them achieve resolution on their own. As agreements are reached through a mediator, it will be more likely that the agreements will be kept. However, in order to ensure success, the mediator needs to be able to provide several benefits during the mediation, such as the following we have listed below:

Provide an Environment that is Safe

When it comes to an environment that is safe, it is referring to the psychological standpoint of the environment being both comfortable and welcoming. The mediator needs to be able to create a sense of security so that both parties can ask questions and feel respected when they disagree. The parties should not feel threatened or ridiculed. Oftentimes, a location that is neutral will be chosen by the mediator so that way no intimidating feelings occur.

Provide Active Listening

Being able to listen actively will allow the mediator to get a full understanding of the case. This will in turn allow the parties to express themselves openly and be heard and understood. Questions will be asked in order to gain clarification and get an idea about complicated issues that have risen, probe to get a deeper understanding of interests, and prevent any evaluation to take place until every fact is known. It is also important that the mediator is able to have everyone’s feelings heard and understood. If there is poor communication, then it may be difficult to come to a resolution that all parties can agree on.

Conduct Separate Talks

When the mediator talks to you separately, they will be trying to get as much of your side of the story as they can to ensure that they have all of the important details that would otherwise avoid. This will help the mediator understand the direct issues at hand while providing confidentiality. During the separate talks the mediator may discover points that could be the cause of the conflict and may suggest having all details disclosed in order to come to an agreement. These talks can also help when emotions run high, the issue is complex, or no agreement is being reached.

Where Certified Mediator’s Can Be Found

When you are in need of a mediator in Florida, you have several options available such as the following:

  • Word of Mouth – If you know friends who have utilized a mediator, then they will be able to provide you with their contact information.
  • Online Search – By searching online you will be able to find several mediators in your area.
  • Contact Your Local Court – Take a trip to the courthouse and you will be able to get in touch with a mediator that specializes in your type of dispute.


Having a certified mediator allows you to have a third party come in and assist in finding a resolution for disagreements. When you know where to find a certified mediator in your area, you will


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