Do My Crippling Panic Attacks Qualify Me for Social Security Disability?

panic attack disability

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Panic attacks are in the family of diagnosis called “anxiety disorders”. These disorders can range from a mild to severe in how they impact the sufferer’s life. A popular website on the subject lists the four most common anxiety disorders as:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety
  • Specific Phobias
  • Panic

It also lists OCD & PTSD as other anxiety disorders where anxiety is present.

The Social Security Administration has included these disorders in their list of disorders that may qualify a person for financial assistance. Specifically they list these disorders asĀ 12.06 Anxiety Disorders.

It is a good idea that a person with one or more of these disorders consults a physician and document their visits and the resulting treatment. When presenting a case to the board, it is important to show that the applicant has sought treatment, tried treatment but, still suffers from the disorder.

Next, it is important to document how the disorder makes it difficult or impossible to perform work duties. The whole point of Social Security Disability is to provide funds for those who absolutely cannot earn them. So, it is your responsibility to prove what is happening to you.

You should include your physician in the loop. If you are applying for social security assistance, they will need the medical records. Physicians typically have been down this road with other patients. Telling them that you plan to apply for social security disability may help them in preparing your documents properly and in plenty of time before your application is filed.

Having an attorney help you increases your odds of getting approved. This is a proven fact. The attorney you hire knows the procedures to follow and will help you from making mistakes that can delay your case.

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