When Should I Hire a Mediator?

When Should I Hire a Mediator?

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Mediation is also known as “alternative dispute resolution”. It is an alternative to the classic Court battle that many of us think about when we think about legal conflict resolution. But, did you know that in Florida, mediation is required before you can proceed to Court? The idea behind this is that the two parties may be able to find a resolution before going to Court hence saving themselves and the Court time and money. 

What Happens During Mediation?

Mediation is considered an “informal” meeting between the parties and a mediator who is a neutral facilitator. A mediator will discuss with the parties their goals and through the mediation process the parties creatively problem solve to reach a solution to achieve their goals. Sometime the parties can come up with creative resolutions that could not be ordered by the Court.  Some parties are surprised to learn that their dispute can be worked out relatively quickly and affordably in the mediation process.

What is Actually Being Mediated?

Any topic having to do with your paternity, dissolution of marriage, or modification case.  This includes timesharing/ child custody, child support, equitable distribution, and alimony. The idea is to help both parties reach a settlement they find fair so that they can move on quickly in a non-adversarial manner.

Mediation Benefits

  1. Money – You can save a lot of it. Every hour saved from having to go to Court is money in the bank.
  2. Private and Confidential – The proceedings are closed to outside entities and all communications are kept confidential between the parties, their attorneys and the mediator. 
  3. Avoids Emotional Distress – Many times courtroom proceedings can be tense and combative. In mediation, everyone there is usually looking to find a quick and equitable solution to the dispute at hand.
  4. Keeps You in Control – At any moment you are able to pump the brakes on your mediation process. You have much more control over the flow of the process than you do in a courtroom situation.

Supreme Court Certified Mediator

The state of Florida requires that you hire a certified mediator to guide you during this process. Being certified means that your attorney knows the process very well and can help you with anything you need during this time. 

You need a trained professional during what is probably the most tumultuous time in your life. You are in good hands when you hire a professional certified mediator


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