Palm Bay’s Explosive Growth Also Creates Demand for Legal Services

Palm Bay's Explosive Growth Also Creates Demand for Legal Services

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Palm Bay, Florida – The sister city to the south of big brother Melbourne. That is the way it’s always been thought of anyway. But the city of Palm Bay has grown leaps and bounds in recent years causing demand for all service (including legal) to skyrocket.

In a recent article posted by – Palm Bay is listed #9 on their “Top 20 Fastest Growing Cities” list. The article states that the population has surged to 134K people and that employment has increased 5% since 2021. Residential permits have increased by an astounding 34%. The metropolitan GDP increased 1.2% in 2020 – ranking 34th among their top cities.


Palm Bay is home to engineering and technology businesses. Plus, many residents work in those same industries in neighboring cities. SpaceX, Space Force & NASA employees also call Palm Bay home. That’s because Palm Bay is largely residential.

But residents do not have to travel very far to find relaxation and entertainment. Palm Bay is home to golf courses, movie theaters, nature trails, and even Mario Andretti’s original theme park. Also, in 25 minutes a Palm Bay resident can be at the beach.

Legal Needs

Anytime the population grows so does its need for legal services. People get married, divorced, they buy homes, they need to sue for liable, all of it. To fill this need, Huddleston, Robbins & Riddle, P. A. has been working with clients from Palm Bay since day 1. Our offices are a short 10-20 minute drive away. We have handled mediation needs in Palm Bay, divorces in Palm Bay, guardianship & social security disability cases in Palm Bay courtrooms.

It’s important that you have qualified and expert legal representation no matter where you live and Palm Bay is no different.

Thinking of Moving to Palm Bay?

You should know that Palm Bay is ranked #25 on the “Best Places to Buy a House in America” list found on – It is listed #31 (of 228) on the list of “Cities with the Best Public Schools in America”. It is the 59th best place to retire. It’s lower on that particular list because Palm Bay is composed mostly of younger families who work and go to school. The retirement community there is not very large.


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