Divorce Rates Rise After Holidays

divorce rate

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divorce rate

The holidays are a joyous time for many people. They get to be with their loved ones and away from work. However, these periods of time can also push an already fragile marriage over the edge.

A poll of divorce attorneys conducted in California recently showed that divorce cases rise about 1/3 after the New Year. The obvious reason is the extra time couples spend together but there are other reasons which contribute to the decision of a couple to divorce. Money is a big one. The commercials on TV and radio are pushing their wares and telling people that they need to spend to make their partner happy.

Social demands also put a lot of pressure on a married couple. Traveling from one location to another to spend time with family members can be tumultuous. Problems in a relationship can really be amplified during this time.

It is advisable that any couple considering divorce try therapy first. Sometimes the problems which are causing the friction can be worked out. Its worth trying solutions before pulling the plug on a marriage. Some people later regret not trying different tactics before pursuing a divorce.

If divorce is the decision you and your spouse have made there are options. You can choose a mediated divorce which is not contentious and does not involve lengthy courtroom appearances. Mediation is a service we offer.

If the divorce is contentious then securing the services of a good family attorney is a good idea. We specialize in all forms of divorces. You can contact us now for a free consultation.

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