What You Can Expect at Your Social Security Hearing

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disability hearing Melbourne flGoing into any new situation, a person likes to be as prepared as possible. It helps to know as much information as you can for an upcoming event, especially one as important as your social security hearing. We have compiled this list of things you can expect to happen at your hearing:

  1. You will be questioned by the judge. The judge will ask you a series of questions aimed at him/her getting a better idea of who you are. These questions may include; you medical history, your employment history, your educational background and your opinion on your current situation.
  2. If you have hired an attorney, you can expect that the attorney will speak on your behalf. By this point your attorney will have a full understanding of your case and should be able to answer any question asked of them.
  3. If there are any expert witnesses, they may be asked to speak and describe your circumstances from their point of view. They will go into their expert opinion on matters relating to your case.
  4. You may be asked questions by the ALJ (Administrative law judge) and they will eventually ask you if you would like to make additional comments. Your attorney can help you decide if your comment are valuable to the overall case.
  5. You will not receive a decision that same day. The case needs to be reviewed by the judge and you can usually expect your decision within 30 days.

Your attorney will help you prepare for this hearing and having an attorney increases your chances of your case getting approved.

These hearings are not open to the public and are usually held in a small conference room. As mentioned above they are presided over by an ALJ.

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