What People With Social Security Benefits Should Know About Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Update

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As you have heard, the government has created the CARES Act which set to infuse over $2T into the US economy. This was called a “stimulus action” but in reality it was created to help people pay their bills after the corona-virus put many people out of work and cost others income.

People already receiving Social Security or Disability benefits are included in this program. In fact, many have already received their funds. Many people who already had a bank account on file with the government were getting payments already at the time of writing this article. However, many still have not seen their payment.

The IRS created a “Get My Payment” tool on their website which helps people establish the status of their payment. But, many people are getting an error when using this tool. It appears that if you have used this tool and are still getting an error, that the situation is not going to be remedied by the IRS.

Instead, you can probably look for a check in the mail. Those not receiving a check are said to be getting a pre-paid bank card. There are apparently millions of people who still have not received their stimulus payment. So , don’t worry… yet. In a month from now if you have not received your payment it may be time to start doing a harder inquiry into the status of your payment.

How Much

Each adult that earns under $99,000 will get a $1200 payment. For each dependent they will receive an additional $500.

According to government data about 67.8 million payments are being made to Social Security and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries.

Note: If you used the non-filer tool offered at the IRS website, you will not be receiving your payment via Direct Express card. It will be deposited into your bank account or you will receive a paper check.

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