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If a person is in need of Social Security Disability benefits, they are probably in no condition to take on the rigorous process required to qualify. The simple fact is that many millions of people apply for benefits every year and the administration only has 60,000 employees to handle all of these claims.

They look for any imperfection or weakness in an application to kick it out of the system so that they can move on to the next applicant. That is why it is very important to get it right on the first try. Appeals are allowed but once your application has been rejected once your chances of being approved decrease dramatically. Its important to remember that only 36% of applicants get approved on their first application.

Disability Attorney

Initial Application
If you hire an attorney to help you out with your case, the odds of getting approved improve. This is because your attorney has years of experience filling out these complicated forms and making sure that they will not be rejected simply based on an application error.

Follow Up
When you have a professional disability attorney working for you there is no need to worry about follow up. There is no need to panic that the application got lost in the system. Your attorney has every incentive to follow up on your case and to make sure it is reviewed by an agent of the Social Security Administration.

Your social security disability attorney will make sure you have all the details you need to get approved. Many times people are unsure of how much detail to provide in their application. They miss certain key steps and don’t include vital information which almost always assures that the application will be rejected. Your attorney and you will go over your application step by step and discuss each one of them thoroughly.

If for some reason your application is denied, your socials security attorney will help you in this process too. They will make sure this undertaking is done with all accuracy, giving the SSA less of a reason to reject the claim a second time. It is estimated that only 13% of appeals are approved. This fact alone should reveal how imperative it is to get your application filled out perfectly.

Your disability attorney only gets paid if you do. This is truly a symbiotic relationship. This alleviates the age-old fear of an attorney running up a bill while your case is being processed. In truth, if you are thinking about filing an unemployment claim, it is a no-brainer to retain a professional and experienced disability attorney.

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