Should I Tell My Doctor I Am Filing For Disability?

Should I tell my doctor of disability case

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This is a question that comes up from time to time. People want to know if they should tell their Dr. that they plan on filing a disability case. They worry that perhaps it will affect the treatment or somehow affect the case negatively. But, the simple answer to this question is that YOU SHOULD tell your Dr.

The Dr. can help you document your disability properly so that when you bring your case for disability, you have everything you need from him/her. In fact, the number one reason disability cases get denied is that there is not enough medical documentation to prove the case.

It is a good idea to keep your own journal of every visit as well. Write down what was discussed and any prescriptions and/or treatments the Dr. may have prescribed.

What if I Visit Multiple Doctors?

This is often the case with disability. Specialist doctors are required for the condition that is causing the disability. You should tell each and every one of them that you plan on filing the case. Each specialist can compile their own report of what they are treating and how it disables you. The combination of reports make for a better case.

Being honest and forthcoming with your doctors is always the best approach. Their job is to treat you and get you the best help possible. This means they want to get you qualified for disability should you need it.

You may qualify for partial or full disability depending on the extent of your impairment. The bottom line is if you need disability then you need to prove you need it and the doctor and your attorney are your best ally in doing so.

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