Military Veteran Options for Disability

Military and SSDI

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Military and SSDI

Veterans of wars endure physical and mental trauma. When they come back to the United States, they may be unable to work because of injury sustained while deployed. Sometimes, Social Security Benefits may be their only option to receive sufficient income.

More Comprehensive Benefits

There are systems in place to help Veterans with physical and financial need through the VA. However, there are many obstacles that a veteran may face when going this route. Sometimes the best approach is to seek SSDI as well as assistance from the VA. Benefits that may be available to a veteran are:

  • Partial vs Full Benefits – VA benefits are usually determined based on an assessment of injury. A veteran may receive partial benefits depending on the extent of their injuries. SSDI can be more comprehensive in this situation and can essentially pick up the slack.
  • Income – Income from the military may not affect your eligibility for SSDI so as long you do not have other sources of income besides military pay.
  • Expedited Applications – Veteran applications are processed quicker than civilian applications.

Veterans can suffer from a list of injuries including mid and lower bodily harm, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or any combination of the above. An attorney can help in cases where a veteran is not being provided enough money to live, whether that be because of partial benefits or total application rejection.

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