Hiring an Attorney to Help with SSD and SSI – How Does it Work?

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You’ve decided to hire an attorney to help with your social security and/or disability claim. Good. This alone improves your odds of getting the money you deserve.  But what comes next? We have put together this post to outline the process for our readers.

What to Do First

The process is very simple. Contact us to schedule and appointment.  You can fill out the form or call us at 321-914-4710. We will then confirm your appointment as it draws near. At the meeting you will find out what we need from your end and what you can expect from us.

What Types of Cases Do You Handle?

We handle cases of Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) as well as Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI). If you have become disabled recently, you should apply for benefits immediately. Timing is very important.

What Are Your Fees?

When it comes to back benefits, we receive a 25% fee or $6,000, which ever is less. And there is NO FEE if you do not win your case.

Types of Disabilities that Qualify for Disability Benefits

  • musculoskeletal problems
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • senses and speech issues
  • respiratory illnesses
  • neurological disorders
  • mental disorders
  • immune system disorders
  • various syndromes
  • skin disorders
  • digestive tract problems
  • kidney disease and genitourinary problems
  • cancer
  • hematological disorders

lawyer effect on winning disabilit caseStatistically, hiring an attorney increases your odds of winning your disability case. Even if a person thinks they have a pretty solid case to begin with, an attorney makes sure that nothing is missed. This is what an attorney does for a living and can help remove some of the doubt or mystery surrounding this process.

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