Five Point Checklist Before Applying for Disability

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disability attorney Melbourne flHaving to apply for disability benefits is never a fun task for anyone. But, it is definitely a good thing these benefits exist so that people can survive even with a major disability. People, often want to know “Am I disabled enough to collect disability benefits?” We have created this short five point checklist to help you decide if this route is for you.

  1. Are You Working? If you are currently working and able to pay your bills, you probably cannot qualify for these benefits.
  2. Is Your Condition Considered Severe? If your condition is not preventing you from working it will probably not be considered severe and the SSA will find that you are not disabled.
  3. Is Your Condition Considered Disabling by the SSA? We understand this is a bit vague but you can find more information about this topic here: Social Security Disabling Conditions
  4. Can You Do Your Previous Job? If the answer is no, a professional can help you along the process of proving that you can no longer do your current job or any previously held job.
  5. Can You Do Any Other Work? Before the SSA approves disability, they want to know if an applicant is capable of performing other types of work that won’t be impeded by their disability.

Law firms like ours exist to assist the disabled individual get the help or assistance they need. We are experienced attorneys and can provide you with the legal services required to prove disability and collect disability benefits.

Even if you have been turned down for disability in the past. There is Hope. We can work with you to reapply and prove your case. Contact us: 321-914-4710

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