Do VA Benefits Interfere with Ability to Receive Social Security Benefits?

Military VA Benefits vs SSDI

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Brevard County is home to many veterans. We have an Air Force Base (now a Space Force base) in our backyard as well as many military retirees now living here. We have had many clients who are military veterans.

Military veterans often become disabled while on the job. Being in the military is by definition the most dangerous job on Earth. Military veterans lay down their life and health for the sake of the country. So, if a veteran is injured on the job and unable to work, can they also qualify for benefits from Social Security? The short answer is YES.

It is important to know that there are different facets to Social Security. Generally speaking, the system was designed to assist those people who are physically or mentally unable to work as well as those people who are retiring from the work force. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is meant to help people meet their financial needs should they not be able to. This type of coverage could be affected by your VA benefits. But Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not needs-based and you may be eligible to collect benefits even if you are already receiving VA benefits.

Your disability rating with the military will help you qualify for certain Social Security benefits. If you have a 100% rating this will expedite the process. That however is just part of the picture. When applying for Social Security Disability, the applicant will want to have the most complete and thorough documentation of his or her disability. This means the applicant should have copies of all diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment. It is important to paint a clear picture for the board.

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