Agoraphobia, Panic and Other Anxiety Disorders

agoraphobia disability claim

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agoraphobia disability claimThe definition of an anxiety disorder is: a group of mental disorders characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear. Among these disorders are: generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and various phobia-related disorders. These disorders can significantly decrease the quality of a person’s life and even prevent them from being able to work.

One of the more severe types of anxiety disorder is agoraphobia. This is when the sufferer cannot handle being in public or away from their home. They simply become overwhelmed with anxiety and cannot function. If you are a sufferer of this disorder and have long term documentation of the suffering from this disorder, you may qualify for SSDI benefits.

Sometimes people with agoraphobia can find work online. The internet has been a blessing for some folks with disabilities that keep them from being able to do manual labor or leave their home. But not everyone has that ability. Sometimes receiving social security benefits is their only option.


An overwhelming sense of panic can overtake sufferers of panic disorder at any moment. Therefore, they are always on pins-and-needles. Will the attack happen at an important meeting? Will my job performance suffer because of my anxiety? A severe and well documented case of panic disorder that causes the sufferer to lose work definitely qualifies them to receive assistance.

Mental disorder claims are declined at a higher rate than other types of claims. That is why it is important to see a medical specialist if you suffer from a anxiety disorder of any kind. Besides the obvious fact that they may be able to help you with your suffering, they will also document your issues over a period of time. This is something invaluable should you ever have to file a claim to receive benefits.


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