How Long Does Divorce Take in Florida?

Divorce, like any legal process, can take time to accomplish. Each state may vary as to what they require and how long it takes to complete a divorce. There are wide ranging results regarding the time from the start of the process until the time it is completed. It doesn't always have to be a … Continue reading How Long Does Divorce Take in Florida?

6 Reasons You May Need an Attorney for Your Divorce

Divorce can be a painful event in a persons life. So, naturally, most people want to make it go as smoothly as possible. But there can be a lot of bumps in the road as well. Many couples handle their divorce without the help of an attorney. A majority of coupe seeking divorce retain the … Continue reading 6 Reasons You May Need an Attorney for Your Divorce

Florida Social Security Disability

The purpose of this blog is to share free information with our readers. In this post, we want to delve a little more into disability hearings in the state of Florida. There are roughly 11 million residents in Florida. About 460,000 of these residents receive some sort of disability social security. To receive this type … Continue reading Florida Social Security Disability

Splitting Child Custody Evenly

When parents come to mediation with a desire and understanding that they both want equal time with the child or children, it is because they both believe that the influence of a mother and father role are equally important. This mindset is healthy and the challenge then becomes how to accomplish it. The major challenges … Continue reading Splitting Child Custody Evenly

Having An Experienced Attorney is Essential

We all know that experience is very important. When it comes to the most important and pivotal moments of your life, you want to have expert advice. Expertise = experience. There are some things in life that you can afford to trust to an upstart or novice. Trying a new landscaping company or visiting a … Continue reading Having An Experienced Attorney is Essential

Mental Disorders and Social Security Disability

It is widely known that mental disorders can be just as debilitating as physical disorders. After all, the brain is what runs the entire body. Often times people with mental disorders (and their families) are not clear if their condition will allow them to qualify for disability benefits. In this article we will go over … Continue reading Mental Disorders and Social Security Disability

Some Good Advice Regarding Divorce

If you have decided that a divorce from your spouse is the right move, then you will likely be contacting an attorney. We put together this article to offer some helpful tips. Don't Make Important Decisions Without Thinking Them Through - Impulsivity and emotion can often be the enemy of sound logic. And after the … Continue reading Some Good Advice Regarding Divorce

What is Family Law?

Family law encompasses any law that applies to relationships within a family structure. A family structure consists of spouses, offspring, parents, grandparents, step-children or step-parents, siblings, half siblings, or anyone in your immediate family. Most often, the term family law is used in referring to law surrounding the immediate family of a set of spouses … Continue reading What is Family Law?