What Can A Lawyer Do For You in Florida?

What Can A Lawyer Do For You in Florida?

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There are many benefits to having a lawyer handle your family law or social security disability case as it progresses through the court system. It is incredibly useful to have someone advocating for you, who knows the lingo, and has an insider knowledge of the law. The ongoing support from those who have dedicated their life to assisting people in the tough judicial system can easily be the difference between a favorable or undesirable outcome.

To begin with, hiring an attorney for family law cases can assist in ensuring that you get adequate representation, support, and a favorable outcome from the case. They can help guide you through the necessary paperwork, any negotiations needed, and also help you understand what you may be missing. They can ensure that you take the necessary precautions, take the right path, and go through the system in a timely manner. 

Family law attorneys are well versed in cases that deal with divorce, child support, step-parent adoption, paternity, and domestic violence cases. Though these are all cases that a family attorney can assist with the depth and paperwork needed for each case varies drastically. It can be a turbulent time for your family and hiring an attorney to assist you can help ease the mental load.

Some key things that family law attorneys can be incredibly useful for are:

-Divorce annulments

-Alimony payments

-Child support payments

-Restraining orders

-Custody Agreements

-Step Parent Adoption

To learn more about our Family Law services, follow this link to our Family Law page.

When it comes to disabilities, it can be a financial nightmare. With the medical care costs, hospital visits, and struggles that come day to day while dealing with a disability, an attorney can help you get your social security disability benefits. If you’d been denied previously, an attorney can help you appeal the decision and advocate your needs and right to the benefits once it reaches the hearing stage. You can read more about social security disability here: Social Security Disability.

These cases can be intimidating and it can be discouraging attempting to navigate the judicial system to achieve the outcome you’re desiring without in depth knowledge of what you need to do. All in all, a lawyer or attorney can help you and take a weight off your shoulders while supplying you with the knowledge and support during the case. They can help you determine the best course of action when approaching tumultuous cases in the eyes of the court. 


Whether you’re looking for family law, or assistance with a social security disability case, here at Huddleston, Robbins, and Riddle P.A., we can give you the outstanding support that we hold as a standard for all of our clients and their cases. We are a law office in Melbourne that services all of Florida. For more information, reach out to us through our contact form or by phone. 

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