What Does a Family Attorney Do?

family attorney Melbourne flMany people have a vague idea of what a family attorney does. In this article I will list the more intricate details of what a family attorney actually does for their client.

Providing Objective Advice – A good a family attorney should advise their client from a neutral point of view from the start. No surprises. No unrealistic goals.

Explain Property Division – This topic can be confusing to clients and a good attorney can explain how property will be divided.

Determining Spousal Benefit – If spousal support is necessary, your attorney should be able to give you an idea of those figures.

Devising a Debt Payment Plan – Your family attorney can help you set up a plan to get out of debt and move on with your life.

Helping with Custody – This is a duty a good family attorney doesn’t take lightly.

Preparing Divorce Papers – Properly filling out and submitting documents is a duty handled by the family attorney.

Negotiating a Settlement – Your attorney should be able to negotiate firmly on your behalf.

Representation in Court – Your attorney will be in court with you during the proceedings, advising you all the way.

As you can see the process of divorce has many facets. Your attorney is trained to handle all of these matters and any events that may arise. Every case is different and a good attorney will never treat any case with a “cookie cutter” approach.


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