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Unfortunately, divorce is something that many people will have to go through in their adult life. Nobody can truly be totally prepared for the challenges which present themselves, especially in a contested divorce. But, you can prepare yourself as best as possible.

We have created this short article with some tips that an help you prepare for divorce. These are the most common items people wish they had done most once the divorce process is well underway:

  1. Going Over Your Budget with a Fine Tooth Comb – When a contentious divorce is underway and there is a lot at risk financially, it is simply a good idea to look at your current expenses and trim away the fat. There is no doubt that the amount of disposable money will fluctuate and it is better to be prepared for this by looking at your current income and expenses.
  2. Credit in Your Name – If your partner has been the primary breadwinner in the marriage, it is a good idea to start building your own credit. You will need credit in your own name in order to make big item purchases such as houses, cars, or leases. You can start by taking out small credit cards and charging bills on them, then slowly paying them off. It does not help your credit much if you pay off the balance instantly. The idea of credit is to show that you have the understanding and will to pay bills over a long period of time.
  3. Financial Records – You will need to have all tax returns ready and any financial records where both your name’s appear. This way there are no surprises when the divorce process gets underway.
  4. Support Network – You may want to strengthen your support group of family and friends during this time because you may need to lean on them more than ever. They will be able to help you through these tough times.
  5. Start Finding an Attorney – Find an attorney you trust and that you feel is on the same page as you and fully understands your situation. If you don’t have the right attorney you will probably regret it for a very long time. You can speak to as many attorneys as you like before you settle on one.


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