Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

divorce attorneyIf you have tried your best to save your marriage and there is no alternative left other than divorce, you need to start concentrating on finding the right divorce attorney. In this article I wil go over the attributes that are most desirable in a divorce attorney.

  1. They specifically practice family or matrimonial law. You want a specialist that will not be surprised by anything within the divorce process.
  2. Has experience. Your attorney should have plenty of experience in handling matters that gravely affect your life.
  3. Is compatible with you. This means there are no personality conflicts and communication is good. This needs to be someone you feel like you can trust.
  4. Is a good negotiator. This person should be able to negotiate on your behalf and have effective methods for achieving results.
  5. Is not in conflict with your interest. This person is on your side from day one and was not referred by someone close to your spouse. Do not share an attorney with your spouse either.
  6. Is candid. Your attorney has to be able to tell you the truth no matter how blunt. You need to see the full picture.

Choose a lawyer that has experience in your particular set of circumstances. These can include:

  1. Out of state divorce/custody disputes
  2. Child custody
  3. small business (pertinent when splitting assets)

What You Need From Your Attorney. The ability to:

  1. Explain each and every step of the divorce process.
  2. Give you realistic assessment of your case and outcome.
  3. Help protect your best interests.
  4. Negotiate custody issues (if kids are involved).
  5. Help you avoid undue legal problems and/or fees.

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