A Covid Delayed Marriage May be a Blessing in Disguise

what to do while waiting for wedding

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what to do while waiting for wedding

Many plans have been delayed because of the pandemic known as Covid-19. People do not want to be exposed to the virus for fear of contracting it and also not wanting to spread it to their family members, some of which may be more vulnerable to it.

Some events like funerals and child births are out of our control and we simply do the best we can to stay safe from the virus. Other events such as graduations, church service and business meetings can be viewed remotely using programs like Zoom.

Many people who planned to get married before the pandemic struck have put their wedding on hold until it is mostly under control. They want their special day to be as “normal” as possible. And they want their friends and family not to have to wear masks and stand six feet apart. This is totally understandable.

This is why we put together this article of the main benefits that may come as a result of the delay. This is a list of chores couples can do while waiting for that special day to arrive:

  • Finances – Couples can take this time to further plan financial rights and obligations. Having a clear financial plan moving forward will save headache in the future.
  • Property – Discussing and planning property rights is a good thing to do during the wait. Discuss land or other property you may have or may expect to inherit. This includes family businesses and the like.
  • Establish certainty about social media – Make some general rules about social media so that you are guaranteed that your partner gets enough attention from you. Social media use has been listed more frequently as a cause for separation and divorce.
  • Establish pet rules – Discussing how many pets and what kind of pets each partner is likely to get is a good idea. This is one item that couples tend to overlook and can be a source of major frustration down the road.

These are just a few of the details of your future together that you can iron out while waiting for the pandemic to be under control.

The better your planning is now, the less uncertainty and conflict you will face later. No topic should really be off-limits. Besides, this is the person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with.


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