Things that You Can Do to Help Your Disability Claim

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Your injury or other disability has made it impossible for you to work or only allows you to work some and not earn enough money on which to live. So, you have made the decision to file for full or partial disability. What are some good things to know before starting this process? In this article we plan to answer that question with simple and succinct advice.

1) Paperwork must be filed on time and filled out accurately. As you can imagine, the system receives a lot of applications every day and they will reject any paperwork that is not done properly or has not been filed on time.

2) Stay in close contact with your Doctor and see him/her as often as needed. A disability case needs to have plenty of documentation and that includes all medical visits from the start of your ailment to the most current visit and treatment. You need to prove that you have become disabled.

3) Always be available. Your attorney and the people at the Social Security office will be contacting you often. You need to be responsive and make their jobs as easy as humanly possible. The application and acceptance process can be a precarious one so do everything in your power to make it go as smoothly as possible.

4) No surprises. Make sure to tell you attorney everything there is to know about this case. This includes prior injuries and anything ese that may be even remotely related to your current affliction.  They need to have the full picture before they can plan your case and can avoid any pitfalls.

If you can do these things mentioned above, it will make your case go by more smoothly and increase your chances of getting approved.


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