Making Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

walk-in bath tub for seniors

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In this article we have decided to create some great tips for making a bathroom safer for seniors. These tips can help reduce the possibility of injury.

According to the National Counsel on Aging, 25% of all seniors (age 65 and over) will fall at least once per year. A fall can end with a non-injury and everything is OK. But, it can also end with serious injury that will affect the quality of life for the person involved. Up to 80% of these falls occur in the bathroom. So, we hope that this article will be helpful.

Elevated Toilet Seats with Handles

Its amazing what we take for granted when we are young. The ability to sit down and stand up without a second thought. But as a person gets older this really becomes a challenge. And without something to hold onto the person may fall and become seriously injured.

Shower Chair or Transfer Bench

To be able to sit while taking a shower prevents many falls. The soapy floors and confined space really can increase the odds a person will fall. These items are affordable and can really aid the process of bathing for an elderly person.

Grab Bars

You can never have too many. Grab bars around the toilet, in the shower and around the sink can all help a person stabilize themselves and prevent that dreaded fall. They are affordable and relatively easy to install.

Non-Slip Floors

You can buy an adhesive non-slip flooring laminate (or mats) to place into the tub and/or around the area where the person will step out of the tub. This prevents slippage of footing.

Walk-in Tubs

walk-in bath tub for seniorsThere are some great walk-in tubs these days where an older person can open a little side hatch and just walk into the bathing area. They do not need to step over the side of the tub any longer.

Removing Clutter

Getting rid of any and all clutter from the bathroom area is a good idea. The towels and toiletry items can be kept in a basket right outside the door. The more space to operate the better for the elderly person.

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