Requiring the need to use one of the these devices definitely limits the amount of jobs a person can do. Many, if not most jobs require a person to be able to move fluidly at their work place, stand on their feet for hours and lift objects. A person who needs a wheelchair, walker or cane obviously cannot do these things. So, the short answer to this question is Yes.

Of course, there are jobs that can be done that don’t require you to be very mobile. This is one avenue the court will explore when deciding your case. Have you applied for these types of jobs? Are you mentally fit to perform the duties in which they require? Are you on medications that prevent you from doing these jobs?

Back to the issue of a walker, cane and wheelchair. It is best to have it legally prescribed by a physician. The Dr. can also make a statement, via a note or report, that states he or she believes that you need this device to move about.

Your disability attorney will gather all of this information and present it to the Social Security Association. They will then decide how badly your mobility is impaired.

Your attorney will also help you gather all medical history Doctor’s notes, and testimony from others that will support your case.

It is most important to have all your ducks in a row, so to speak, before you apply for disability. Your first application is your most important one.

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