Divorce and Social Media

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social media and divorceOne of the unique factors that people who are getting divorced face in today’s age is social media. Like it or not, social media has a major influence on people. One reports sates that roughly 80% of Americans have a social media account.

With that in mind, you can see how easy it is for information and gossip about your impending divorce to spread. Social media can be a good thing: friends support you and your situation. And it can be a bad thing: info found on social media influences custody ruling.

The advice that is standard in the legal community is that you deactivate or delete your social media during the divorce process. Nothing good can come from it regarding your case. You absolutely do not want to get dragged into any mudslinging or “he said, she said” nonsense. 

If you cannot or will not deactivate them you must take special care with your posts. Sensor what you comment or post like it is your place of employment that you are representing. Tighten up on your security settings so that as few people as possible can see your activity.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon in human existence and people, as well as the courts, are still figuring out how it fits into reality. It is better to be safe than sorry when so much is on the line. I am sure you remember what life was like before social media. It won’t be hard to live like that again until your divorce and/or custody battle is settled.

There is a great article fro the University of Texas about how to shore up the privacy on each and every one of your social media account: How to Manage Your Social Media Privacy Settings

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