6 Reasons You May Need an Attorney for Your Divorce

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6 Reasons You May Need an Attorney for Your DivorceDivorce can be a painful event in a persons life. So, naturally, most people want to make it go as smoothly as possible. But there can be a lot of bumps in the road as well. Many couples handle their divorce without the help of an attorney. A majority of coupe seeking divorce retain the services of their own attorney.

In this article we will describe six factors that would make hiring an attorney advisable:

1- You foresee a child custody dispute. Loving parents both want as much time with their kids as possible. Unfortunately, a divorce means that being with them all the time is not a possibility. If you and your spouse cannot agree on custody, then a lawyer may be necessary.

2- You and your spouse have significant assets. Splitting up large funds or property can be a highly contested event. You may need the services of an attorney to make sure you get what you need or are owed.

3- You and your spouse own a business together. This is a matter that you see more and more as business ownership numbers are at all time highs. More people working for themselves means more spouse co-owned businesses. You may need an attorney to divvy this up properly.

4- Domestic abuse or violence. If there was violence in your relationship, the court may need to get involved in order to make sure that terms are made on equal footing and that the dominating or abusive partner doesn’t take advantage in the divorce proceedings.

5- The initial attempt at divorce is getting messy. Many couples who are getting a divorce start off trying to be amicable but soon find that they are not being met in the middle. An attorney and divorce court will attempt to make the split as fair as possible.

6- You’re disorganized. If you’ve never been very organized then it is probably best to hire an attorney. Court and divorce proceedings require much attention to detail and documents/records must be presented. Hire an organized and experienced lawyer in Brevard County.

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